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David Ninja Neil Smalley,

Based in Lake Tahoe, California, USA


Ninja Drone Productions is your source for all things video production. With over 25 years as a resident of Lake Tahoe, 10 years as a broadband cable technician and advanced drone pilot, I am well versed in creating broadcast quality video. As a FAA certified commercial drone pilot, I can capture stunning aerial footage of any location. Whether it's a promotional video, a live event or a feature film, I am here to bring your vision to life.


At Ninja Drone Productions, we take pride in our innovative and creative approach to video production. We specialize in aerial cinematography, utilizing the latest drone technology to capture stunning visuals and high-quality footage.

Our team of experienced filmmakers are dedicated to creating captivating stories for our clients. From wedding videos to documentaries and commercials, we strive to give our viewers an unforgettable viewing experience. Visit our portfolio on this website to see samples of our work and get in touch today.

(530) 448-3982

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